Education Grants

education grantsThe Society of Saint Vincent de Paul recognises the importance of further education particularly for people who live in disadvantaged circumstances. The Higher Education & Training Bursary has been put in place to help those people.

Before applying for the Education & Training Bursary, applicants must have applied for all available state funding or other grants.

Please note that funding will not be awarded for courses/training in private colleges and training centres. Funding will not be awarded to applicants who already have a Degree or Post Graduate Studies (Masters or PhD). Please see the SUSI website for approved institutions and courses.

Information on existing student funding can be found on the Student Finance website.

The process for applying for a bursary varies depending on where you live as different Regions have different procedures and application processes. For example in the East Region it can only be made through SVP Conferences. The Society operates in small groups, called Conferences, based on local parishes which meet regularly and their work is usually concentrated on local visiting. To make an appointment with your local Conference or to find out more information on how to apply, please call your local office and speak to an Information Officer.